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Tippmann Bravo One Review

Tippmann's Bravo One Review.

By. Malcolm Smith.

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The Bravo One is Great, right away you will notice the rugged, Military look, and from opening it you notice that its still great Tippmann Quality. The Bravo One is in essence is a 98 Custom but with a new body to look like a M16 rifle(photo above is the basic version). The Bravo is sold in 3 versions, the Bravo One Basic, which does not have the collapsible stock or barrel shroud which provides half of the M16 look, but includes the mag and tools. The Bravo One Tactical includes the collapsible stock or barrel shroud and the Mag giving this marker a sweet M16 look. The final version is the Bravo One Tactical with a E-trigger, The trigger includes 3 fire mods: 1 Shot, 3 shot burst and Full Auto.

Some of the features are a realistic military appearance, M16 style six position collapsible stock, M16 style shroud with built in sight, high performance 11 inch barrel, Integrated carry handle, removable magazine that doubles as a tool kit, In line bolt system, All aluminum die cast receiver, stainless steel gas line, and a quick release feeder elbow.

The marker is made of a metal and so its a bit on the heavy side. The marker is about 10 pounds when a fully loaded 200 round hopper of paint and a 20 ounce CO2 tank is attached.

The Gun has a 5 point CAR stock, which is sturdy and does not slip points. The Co2 line is structured perfectly, I would suggest using a remote line for on the tank to cut down on the weight of the marker.

The 11" Barrel is of good quality, and apparently the barrel socket allows other A-5 barrels without Ball breaks. This markers stock barrel was also very accurate.

The gun does not have any Anti-chop system, however after test shooting about 1000 balls I never had a break once. Cleaning should be easy with the quick release elbow but unscrewing the barrel seemed to be a bit stiff and hard compared other markers.

The mag is mostly just for looks but is useful for carrying allen wrenches. I wish it had enough space in it for coiling up the barrel squiggie (you can achieve this with a simple mod that is on our forum).

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The Bravo One has a fantastically low price and none of that Tippmann quality has decreased. You can install an E grip and the A-5 Cyclone. This would make the marker one hell of a fast shooter, something to look into if your looking for more out of the out of box Bravo one. It is a bit heavy but defiantly worth it for a starter marker for woodsball/scenario because of its low cost, great military looks, some upgrades that are all worth it. If your looking for looks and quality go with the Bravo One, if you looking for something like this and has that Tippmann quality but something that's lighter and don't care for looks go with the costume 98 or A5

I would give it a 8-10, would be nice if the sight/handle was detachable, and weight to me is a issue, also somthing more could have been done with the mag.

Note: US Army Alpha Black is sold as Tippmann Bravo One outside of USA.

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