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A refillable 12gram? Yes, RAP4 has done it!!

Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the last 12gram CO2 cylinder you’ll ever need...


RAP4 468 DMR Bolt-Action Training Rifle

A RAP4 breakthrough in paintball precision arms: the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Want to hit targets out to 100 yards? Now you can...


Free paintball reading material to help your game

What every parent needs to know about paintball, Greg Hastings 6 Tips to win in the woods, and Learn to play paintball the US Army way.



RAP4 Awarded DMAG Patent


It is offical! G.I. Sportz has acquired Tippmann Sports.

G.I. Sportz is pleased to announce it has acquired Tippmann Sports, bringing together two iconic paintball companies...


Tactics, maneuvering perfected through paintball

A group of 35 Marines and sailors trained in small-unit tactics via paintball...



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Windsor Lockdown, DYE’s Canadian All-Star team takes home the 2013 CXBL Richmond Cup!

2013 CXBL Richmond Cup news...


Spyder Summer Sale Event


CPPL Event #3

Back to the Edmonton for the third event on the 2013 CPPL schedule...


31 years ago the very first paintball game ever was played!!

World Paintball Day: Held on the fourth Sunday in June every year. 2013 Sunday, June 23


PSP Chicago Open, Field layout


The PSP Hits the West Coast!

For the first time since 2007, PSP Events is bringing their Professional Paintball Circuit to Southern California...



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Sly Profit Mask Review: The Best to date.

The Search For The Best Fingerless Gloves: We take a look at some of the best fingerless gloves out there.

The Truth About How To Shoot Further: Kill the myths!

Tippmanns Crossover: Tippmanns new marker taking over all the fields!

Ultimate Paintball Tool Box List: It's a must have for every paintballer!

Tippmann's Sierra One Review: The best starter marker for anyone looking to dive into scenario woodsball.

Best Paintball APPS for the iPhone: We give you our pick of the best paintball apps for you iPhone.

Gen-X Tactical Vest Review: Great vest for every paintballer.

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Video Pick of the Week:

DYE DM14 Review

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